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Manifesting is writing a list of your desires and putting it out into the world so it may be received for your highest good and come back to you.

In this box you will receive...


* 1 Palo Santo- Also known as 'Holy Wood' from Ecuador. It is usedcto clear negative energy and restore tranquility and calm. The Wood can help brighten your energy and promote feelings of positivity and joy. This brings connection to the earth and your inner consciousness.

*1 intention candle from Moon and Mantras. - An organic orange and orange blossom with tiger's eye and jade - orange is good for cleansing and purifying spaces as well as increasing vibrations, attracting joy, happiness, and abundance. orange blossom brings positive emotions and energy and attracts love of all kinds.

* Abundance Essential Oil Roller from Moon and Mantras- The roller is organic grapefruit and cypress with sunstone and citrine - cypress releases negative energies attracting abundance, prosperity and success, and increases our motivation, grapefruit boosts positivity, attracting abundance and enhancing self love.

* 1 selenite tower- to clear your crystals, home and body of stagnant energy, allowing for you to be open for manifesting.

* 1 chakra essential oil to clear away negative energy & align all of your chakras, which will protect you from blocking your manifestations from coming in.

* 5 Manifestation crystals


* Kiwi Jasper- Lifts the spirit, Removes negative emotions, and offers us strength and support towards our goals.

* Citrine- Helps in business success, prosperity, bringing happiness and abundance into your life.

* Amethyst- To clear frantic energy and connect you to deep wisdom & intuition.

* Rose Quartz- To manifest love and compassion into your life.

Use this box on a New Moon or any day of the week to call in what it is you'd like most in your life. I suggest starting with 3 things and then changing as you receive your desires.

Clear the energy of your crystals & bracelet by placing them next to your Selenite tower over night. Hold each crystal in your hand and set the intention you'd like it to hold for you. If you've felt bogged down or just feel a cleansing is needed do this process over again.

Happy Manifesting! 💓🕯😊✨️

Manifestation Box

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