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These trees are based off of each of the zodiac signs. The leaves are a few gems that represent some of the personality traits that sign has. I chose the stones in the trees in order to help enhance them or calm them down.


"Just as the seasons change so do we. Our base is always and forever who we are, where we came from and the foundation of our lives. The roots are our morals, our beliefs, our internal beings. They are firm and strong but still have room to grow with age. The trunk is our story that is forever being told as we mature. The branches are our many paths some taken and some yet left to explore. Every leaf is a reminder that we have come so far and yet still have so much to learn. Just like a tree we are always changing, growing, learning and exploring new depths inside ourselves and out. Let these gem trees resonate with who you are. Let this remind you of the person you have become and will become because who you are is BEAUTIFUL!"

~Kasey Claytor

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