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A Little Bit Behind The Keepsakes

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     Hi! My name is Kasey and I'm the sole owner of Kasey's Keepsakes. I have an idea to change people’s view of who you must be, to who you truly are. Every day we find ourselves going to the store and buying into consumer goods, only to look like everyone else. I have custom ideas that are Handmade and personalized to fit your everyday one-of-a-kind style.

     I believe that Crystals/Natural Stones not only accent your style but provide a light loving energy to your auric field as well as your home ascetic. Using these crystals in your daily life can create balance, energy, love, abundance, protection, prosperity, understanding and so much more that's just the tip of the ice burg.

      How did this all get started you ask?

     Long ago a friend had gifted me a crystal and explained that it could make a huge difference in my life. I was skeptical at first but after I realized things were changing for the better, I knew there was something to it. 

     I went home and looked up properties of the crystal and realized it had provided exactly everything said it would. I delved into reading about energy and how it is all around us. Everything we interact with has an auric field, and we are resonating with every energy in this universe. That was just the science behind it.

    As I went further into it, I began to incorporate different crystals into my daily life. I wouldn't read about them first; I would feel out what called to me, work with it for a bit, then read on the properties. That's when I knew it was truly a path I would follow. 

    I am proud to say I can now share in the love and light that crystals/natural stones can provide for all of you. I love to create your unique personal keepsakes as well as sharing in your personal journeys.   

      Thank you for sharing with me and being a part of my never-ending journey! Thank you also for allowing me to provide you with keepsakes that can create an energetic balance for you.       

      Remember no matter what you're wearing or how you decorate your home make it yours, make it personal, make it say this is WHO I AM!!

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