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Custom Order Form

All Items on my store pages can be customized to fit your style and needs. If you have a Necklace, Bracelet or Zodiac Gem Tree you would like to customize please feel free to contact me with any questions down below.

Please Include With Each Item Requested

*Crystal Pendants- Prices Based off of the price of the individual stone plus the choice of wire

1. The type of stone you'd like

2. Type of wire

    A. Gold/Silver plated copper- $30

    B. Sterling Silver -$45

    C. 14/20k Gold or Rose Gold- $65

* Natural Stone Bracelets- All custom bracelets are $20

  1. Type(s) of stones you'd like

  2. Please note if you have smaller or larger wrists if needing a custom size.


*Zodiac Gem Trees- All custom Mini Trees are $22 All Large Trees are $38

  1. Dates of birth for Family or Couples Trees

  2. Types of stones you'd like if picking your own

  3. Gold or Silver wire 

  4. Mini or Large Tree


Also if you are looking to find specific crystals for your crystal work please ask for them I may be able to acquire them for you or direct you to a place where you can find them.


 I will discuss prices with you and any other questions you may have as soon as possible. I ask for payment up front when placing any custom order. I will also message you BEFORE making the keepsake to confirm pricing and completion of deposit on all custom orders. I will then message you when the items are completed, with pictures of the work I've done, please note any changes that need to be made at that time. Please allow sufficient enough time for me to complete the order as well as standard shipping time. 


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