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Crystals are amazing conductors of energy!  As the law of conservation of energy states, energy cannot be created nor destroyed only converted from one form of energy to another. This is exactly what crystals provide, they can store or transfer energy just like you and me.  In fact, everything in the universe has energy, an auric field if you will. When using crystals as tools you are feeling the different types of energy they can provide from the minerals and colors that make them up. They can bring you joy, understanding, protection, abundance, prosperity and so much more. They can physically help to heal your body from the inside out. When choosing a crystal go with your gut feeling, whatever you resonate with is what your body/mind needs at the moment.

The first thing in the crystal process is clearing out the previous energies being held in these stones. 

The process of clearing a crystal is a very simple one based off your own intentions and intuitions. It's recommended you clear your stones regularly; you typically can tell when this needs to be done.  


There are a few ways to clear your crystals.

                * INCENSE: Hold the crystal in the smoke while thinking of your intentions for it. 

                * VISUALIZATION: Take a deep breath and blow over the crystal. Imagine that you're clearing away all negativity. Repeat this method until you feel the crystal is cleared.

                * SOUND: The Vibrations from pure sound can clear a crystal. Using a singing bowl helps to clear energies. Also the repeated sound of OM can clear your auric field along with your crystals. I suggest using calming music when using the sound of OM. This will help clear the mind for your intentions.

                * SUN & WATER: Hold stones under running water (do not do this with soft/dissolvable stones) thinking of the intentions of clearing the crystal. Then place in the sun to dry. Not recommended for stones that are susceptible to fading... rose quartz, aventurine, amethyst, citrine, and Smokey quartz are just examples. Please research your stones first.

               * SEA SALT: Allow crystal to be buried in sea salt. Sit the salt bowl inside a bowl of water so the salt does not get wet. Allow to sit like this for 24 hours. (Again, check to ensure you can do this with all minerals, some will not mix well with salt. EX: Blue Lapis Lazuli, Pyrite, Opal)

               * CANDLE: Using a candle hold the crystal over the flame, with the intentions of clearing the crystal. Do not place in extreme heat it may cause them to change color. (Not all stones can be used this way because of the minerals inside. EX: Tourmaline, Malachite, Bumble Bee Jasper)

               * OTHER CRYSTALS: Amethyst/Citrine crystal geodes or clusters can be used to cleanse crystals as well. Allowing a crystal to sit on a geode for at least to 2 hours will leave them charged.  Also using Selenite, Kyanite, or Apophyllite around crystals can cleanse them as well in between uses.

Please research your individual stones/crystals to ensure you are using the correct method of cleaning. 

         Once your crystals are cleared you need to bond with them. Take your stones into a quiet place and hold the crystal in your hand, with your eyes closed, feel the energy you share. Do you feel anything physically or have thoughts begun to arise in the quite? After feeling the energies within and the way yours mix with it, look at the physical being of it the color, indention's, flaws and inclusions.  This process allows you to connect with your crystal and it will become a part of your psyche. You should do this process with every crystal you purchase no matter the size or purpose of its uses.

         Now on to program your new friend. In order to program your crystals, you must use your minds intention which then becomes its purpose. Any purpose you put into the stone will then be carried out, it will become your icon, for with it represents the intentions you want. Hold the crystal in your hands, gaze into the stone and connect with it. Now either in your hand or your third eye, breath slowly and visualize what you would like and how it would be to have it. You can have the same intentions with more than one crystal. Once you have done this they will now be programed until clearing again. You should do this with all of your crystals to put your own intentions into them. They will become a part of your world. 

    Any questions on this information please contact me, I'd love to discuss it with you. 

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