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Virgo Tree of Life Carnelian, Green Aventurine and Citrine on Selenite Base


Carnelian helps Virgos to channel their passions and thoughts into positive manifestations, keeping them motivated and focused along the way. It keeps them creative and helps to push through with their goals and aspirations.


Green Aventurine calms the nerves and mind to create balance and grounding for the overactive Virgo personality. It inspires happiness, joy and dissolves inner- conflict creating growth and renewal.


Citrine brings happiness, success, creativity and will boost self-esteem. This stone helps the Virgo's when they are feeling down and defeted, like their goals aren't being met.


Selenite brings in loving light energy and connects you with your guides & angels. It is a crystal that never needs cleaning and will always recharge itself & the crystals surrounding it.

Virgo Tree of Life

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