Rose Quartz opens up communication from the heart. Helping to nurture all relationships and situations in a loving way. It is a calming stone said to clear the mind and help you to balance your emotions to create healing.  

This bracelet is made with Lava Rock to hold your essential oils for a few days at a time. 

Lava Rock is a grounding stone that helps to pull toxins out of the body, shield you from EMF'S and rid your body of negativity


Rose Quartz- Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz- Zodiac- Taurus

Rose Quartz Essential Oil Bracelet

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  • Natural Stone Healing bracelets are said to help restore and block energies. Using crystals/stones in your daily life is said to improve health and mental wellness. 

    • All products are handmade by me with specific/requested materials. If you have a special request or design, please contact me under the contacts tab and we can discuss price and details