Manifestation Bag


Use this bag as a tool in order to manifest your ideas into reality, to bring about new changes and growth while planting the seeds for your future. Write out your desires then think of them as you light the candle.


Green Candle represents money, wealth, success, manifesting your dreams.

111 is the most power to manifest anything you’d like into your life.


Clear the previous energy from your crystals with the candle and set your intentions in each one.


Meditate, visualize, and verbalize your desires while holding the crystals. Use them one at a time and then add the other crystals to see how the energies interact with your own.


Carnelian is known as the “artists” stone. It will awaken your hidden talents, increase ambitions and give you confidence in your work.

Hematite will give you clarity of mind for better manifestations. This will help you to get out of your head and focus on your desires.


Golden Rutilated Quartz helps with fast manifestations. It will amplify the energy of the other crystals you use it with. You can program it for anything your heart desires.


Pyrite will help you to break thorough self-limiting behaviors, put out abundant energy that you attract back to you, stimulate cycles of positive returns and encourages positive thoughts into positive actions.


Citrine Brings in Growth, Expansion, Prosperity, Happiness, Laughter, Creativity & Career Success. This also increases your personal power and clears negativity.

Manifestation Bag

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