These Buddahas are 1 1/2' tall.


The laughing Buddha is considered as a symbol of happiness, abundance, contentment and wellbeing. Keep these in the home or office to invite good luck and prosperity.


Green Aventurine is used to clear and activate the heart chakra. Balance yin/yang energies. It also enhances creativity and facilitates alignment of the intellectual, emotional, auric and physical bodies. This will also help to heal the heart chakra and rid you of toxic relationships that are no longer serving you.


Howlite It is used for creativity, calm communication, to facilitate awareness and to encourage emotional expression. It also can assist in the elimination of pain, stress and rage. This will also calm night terrors, insomnia and psychic attacks.


Sodalite a stone of healing, it can be used to enhance truthfulness and emotions. Encourages trust and truthfulness. Stimulates the intellect and illuminates confusion. It is said to also help healing those who are dealing with cancer.

Laughing Buddhas

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