Dodos come to represent misunderstandings, superficial encounters, close-mindedness, the power of first impression, curiosity, and wonder.


Dodo Bird meaning insists that change is inevitable, and going with the flow is easier than fighting these upheavals.


This spirit animal inspires you to be fearless and self-assured. Alternatively, Dodo Bird symbolism is a message for us all to protect the natural world.


Green Aventurine  is used to clear and activate the heart chakra. Balance yin/yang energies. It also enhances creativity and facilitates alignment of the intellectual, emotional, auric and physical bodies. This will also help to heal the heart chakra and rid you of toxic relationships that are no longer serving you.


Amethyst is an all-healer stone. It is used for anxiety, depression, healing of addictions, creates calm and emotional release. It is a stone of change and transformation, out with the old in with the new.


Opalite is a stone of personal power known to increase self esteem and improve one sense of self worth. It assists in making smooth transitions bouncing the yen and young energies.


Rose Quartz is a stone for love and passion. It promotes receptivity to the beauty that is all around us, it emits a warm, rejuvenating energy. As it calms and reassures, it brings about a deep inner healing.


Dodo Birds

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