This is Bloodstone and is used to clear all the lower chakras, realign your system and release any negativity. Many people don't know it has many physical health benefits too. When people ask about stones that help with diseases that effect the blood or organs related to the blood system, I suggest Bloodstone.It will help to clear the toxins out of the blood stream and regulate circulation again. This will also help with regulating your menstrual cycle, balancing hormones and give your overall immune system a boost. When using it as an elixir you can ingest the benefits of the minerals into your body. Want to know more about crystal elixirs? Just ask I'd love to help you.

When worn in jewelry or cartied in your pocket this stone can still provide amazing healing benefits. This is an incredible mood stabilizer and will bring confidence and courage back into your life. If you have struggled with any kind of low energy/depression it will give you the boost you need to go back out into the world and create happy memories once again.


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